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We respect ambitious people who care for the society

If you are looking forward to making an impact in the lives of people, we are looking for you! We are enthusiastic about bringing creativity, media and technology into education, and we love to collaborate with those who wish to use education as a powerful tool to transform the society. We have a business model for every kind of a partnership, and let’s explore opportunities.

For Individuals :

Do you want to multiply your income without disturbing your existing work? Then package our products along with your existing school supplies across all your client schools.

How you will benefit:

1. You will have high, steady earnings throughout the year and also get the advantage of selling educational products and services in every season.

2. You will save your marketing costs and efforts.

3. You will always have something new to offer your clients during every visit and add value to your marketing effort.

Do you want to add value to your advisory and consulting services to educational institutions? Then you can recommend our products to fulfil their needs and improve their systems

How you will benefit:

1. You will gain a higher reputation for offering a wide range of teaching/learning solutions.

2. You will be honoured with incentives on generating revenues to our brand under your initiative.

3. You will have the opportunity to get new products created by us based on your ideas and with your credentials.

Are you connected to advertisement agencies and companies dealing with children’s products and services? Now you have a medium to advertise their brands through our products.

How you will benefit:

1. You will enjoy a part of the advertisement income on a revenue-sharing basis.

2. You will put in one-time effort for a year-long gain in good volumes from each client.

3. You will be able to expand your business network and work scope, and freelance at your convenient time.

For Institutions :

Are you an angel investor or a venture capitalist interested in investing in turnkey projects? We invite you to invest in our educational undertakings that mean serious business.

How you will benefit:

1. You will benefit from high return on investment with quick and recurring revenues with our market-ready products.

2. You will be risk-free with proven business models, high growth potential and scope for global expansion.

3. You will have an exit strategy with shareholdings of higher value owing to the big buyers in the education industry.

Do you want your brand to enter the education space and expand to new verticals in business? With our educational research and your investment, let’s start a joint venture.

How you will benefit:

1. You will gain profitable business along with a respectable brand image by contributing to the education sector.

2. You will acquire ready-made teaching/learning products that will be co-branded with all your corporate ventures.

3. You will have a backend creative office to turn your ideas into products on emerging technologies.

Is your educational venture missing out on some of the latest and important teaching/learning deliverables at schools? Then we should collaborate to expand your domain of products.

How you will benefit:

1. You will have a larger market presence by offering more products and experience a faster business growth.

2. You will be able to sell more products as a bundled package in place of offering huge monetary discounts.

3. You will gain additional revenue with your existing team without any additional marketing expenditure.