Children’s Monthly Magazines - No matter how well children score in their academics, they will only remain book smart and will be unable to prepare themselves for life. But the need of the hour is to be street-smart and gain intelligence outside school. We have made media a part of education so that children don’t miss out learning things that are taught neither at home nor at school. Our flagship product, ‘Brain Gain’, is a series of 13 class-wise monthly magazines from Playgroup to Class 10 launched for the first in India. It engages children with age-appropriate content for every class with customization for schools.

Children’s Daily e-Newspaper - In this generation of constant transformation, children are required to keep themselves regularly updated on current affairs, technology, education, policies, child achievers and many more national and global issues. The world updates itself every moment, but it takes years for a textbook to get updated, and so every child needs to read a newspaper. But the existing newspapers do not offer a suitable platform for NIE because a typical newspaper is designed for an adult and fails to appeal children. Our publication, ‘The Little Citizen’, is a daily e-newspaper specially designed for children towards awareness, exploration, participation, activity and social responsibility that promotes young editors and voice of schools.

Parent’s Handbook - A typical parent sees a problem in a child, whereas we see its solution within the parent. Our handbook ‘Parenting by Principles’ provides comprehensive solutions to almost every minor and major problem faced by a parent in raising, handling, protecting and training children of every age-group on various aspects such as behavior, education and life. With simple techniques and interesting visuals, we have spoken of how a parent can deal with children, teachers and schools in every situation with realistic solutions.

Teacher’s Handbook - Every teacher has the power to shape a nation, but our nation produces teachers who largely rely on subject knowledge alone. Most teachers either do not undergo corporate training nor understand the importance of acquiring classroom management skills. Besides, most school chains are unable to train all their teachers on one path. Our handbook ‘Ethical Teaching’ resolves the problems faced by teachers in managing students, parents, colleagues and school management. It visually guides them on dealing with day-to-day situations at schools and highlights the techniques of teaching different subjects.