Customized Services

Content Development - Transforming your thoughts, ideas and vision into words is what we specialize in. We undertake your outsourced work related to Creative Writing, DTP, Translation, Language Editing and Proofreading of any genre of content in all Indian languages. We also undertake original script writing and translation of French, Spanish, German and more foreign languages. We are experts in creating K-12 educational and skill development content as per your needs.

Illustration & Artwork - We illustrate your content into beautiful pictures that convey the right message to your audience. Our artwork consists of high-quality line drawings, cartoons, portraits, sceneries and paintings of every kind. Our illustrations are digitally drawn and are of high resolution for multiple usage in print and digital media. We also specialize in animation art and storyboarding to turn your printed stories into moving media.

Graphic Design - We create neatly designed pages out of raw data in any software and file format that you require. We provide page designs in Photoshop, InDesign, CorelDraw, PageMaker and QuarkXPress to suit your industry standards. We can design children’s books, activity material, training manuals, corporate brochures, informative posters, newspapers and magazines of any kind with attractive typesetting and page layouts.

Printing - Backed by our own printing press at Lakdikapul (Hyderabad), we print and deliver books, magazines, newsletters, banners, posters, leaflets, diaries, calendars, notebooks, report cards and just about anything else. We offer offset, web and screen-printing services with spot lamination, gold & silver foils, matte finishing, glitter and texture for an attractive look and feel.

Digitization - We convert static into dynamic and boring into eye-catching. If you have a book, we will make it interactive so that your readers can flip pages, read articles categorically, watch videos, solve interactive questions, print pages and access links for additional exploration. We would love to digitize your manual books into e-books and digital books into interactive books with a professional, user-friendly outlook.

2D Animation - We have fresh, original scripts to draw the attention of viewers to your television or web channel through our 2D animated series. We largely focus on children’s entertainment concepts that have an undercurrent of social awareness, human values and life skills. If you have a specific requirement, then we can animate your ideas from scratch! We undertake all kinds of outsourced animation work from pre-production to post-production.

Live Videos & Short Films - We specialize in writing thought-provoking film scripts on topics such as education, life skills, environment, general awareness, social responsibility, lifestyle and patriotism to inspire children, youth and adults alike. We will be glad to direct short films on any issue that you would like to address to your target audience. For the education sector, we provide short films with questionnaires for teachers to assess the comprehension abilities and learning outcomes of students.

Dubbing & Voice Over- No video is great without a beautiful, clear voice over and captivating background music. We offer dubbing, voice over and background scores for any kind of script as per your needs. Our pool of native Indian and foreign voice over artistes specialize in voice modulation and diction as per the industry standards. We can offer child and adult voices for your educational scripts in multiple national and global languages.

App Development - We develop user-friendly apps custom-made for your business in the quickest time! Starting from concept creation until developing a working prototype, we build apps using agile methodologies with the best technical feasibility. We can develop apps that are utility-based, informative, communicative, collaborative and personalized to bridge the gaps in information technology between your institution and your end users.

Virtual & Augmented Reality - Mixed reality, or the merging of AR and VR, is the next era of education technology that will revolutionize the way students learn complex concepts through 3D visualization. But is your organisation ready for the change? If you wish to convert your educational books into virtual/augmented realities and stand out among the crowd, we will be glad to do it for you with some early bird offers.

Teacher Training Workshops - After all the hardships faced by educators in shaping the learning systems, the entire responsibility is put onto teachers who are required to deliver quality education successfully. But it is impossible for any educational institute to find teachers adopting the same methodologies, thinking on similar lines and having equal attributes. Through our teacher training workshops pan India, we address the issues of every kind of a teacher who will learn to teach in the most efficient manner and achieve the common goals of your institution.

Wall Painting & Decoration - We turn old buildings into exciting schools! We know how passionate educators start schools from scratch, and it is not always possible to find the right building for a school. With our wall painting and school decoration services, any construction can be converted into a school having a child-friendly environment. We not only paint your philosophies on school walls but also create wall spaces for students to draw their dreams, express thoughts, exchange information, play games, maintain timetables and write news every day.

Student Health Check-ups - We understand that raising a child of good health is as important as educating the child. So we conduct annual health checkups for students at a very minimal cost and freely for teachers as a token of appreciation. We offer 20 varieties of painless checkups without blood test using high quality equipment, such as refraction errors, cataract, spirometry test, bone-mineral density, otoscope examination, body fat, muscle mass, dental examination, height, weight and many more.