Whom we serve

We build real value to your organisation with a customized solution designed just for you!


We appreciate schools that provide education with a difference. With our packaged educational solutions, you won’t have to worry about how to teach, where to find a specific product, how to manage schedules or how to t Join hands with us to educate students and train teachers and parents to create a result-oriented education system.


Every learner has unique qualities, and every school has different needs. It is a challenging responsibility to a publisher to create Teaching-Learning Materials that are common to all but personalized for each individual or institution. We can innovate new concepts for your exclusive usage or improve your existing products and also make them digitally compatible.


We change the way you educate the country! Our high quality, low cost educational solutions can be implemented nation-wide and you’ll experience active changes. We also know that government schools lack teachers, infrastructure and resources, and that’s why our products impart student-centric learning with minimal/no involvement of a teacher.

E-Learning Companies

Everything is supported by technology today, and education is not an exception. We understand your hard work behind creating e-learning content, but the real challenge is the technology that never stays constant! We can create the best digital content for you on any technology or redesign your existing content for new platforms so that you stay ahead, always.

Social Media Platforms

With new social networking websites and mobile apps multiplying across the digital world, it is quite difficult to attract huge audiences to your platform and keep them constantly engaged. We offer byte sized videos that are crisp, informative, interesting and socially inspiring to engage your viewers across 365 days a year. So together, let’s make them viral.

Children’s Product Suppliers

Even the coolest product designed for a child incurs a huge advertising cost if promoted on television and newspaper. By advertising your brand with us, your product will have a guaranteed mileage among lakhs of children and thousands of schools at a low cost because we reach your target market directly and engage them with your brand throughout the year.

Kids Channels

We know what it takes to run a channel for kids, be it on television or web. It is not a child’s play for a channel to broadcast highly engaging content that can be played with multiple reruns. But it is good news that 40% of the Indian population consists of children, and we know exactly how to grab their attention with live, animated and interactive content that excites them!


We assist NGOs in designing and printing informative books, posters, training manuals and other knowledge products for education, employment, health and skill development sectors. We can offer solutions for your NGO by understanding your vision so that you propagate your ideas effectively, gain eligibility to grants, execute projects and train people easily.

CSR Groups

If you have a CSR program, we will make it worthwhile. Sponsor our initiatives on education, empowerment and awareness among students, teachers and schools. In appreciation, we’ll bring a strategic media presence to your business ventures and social initiatives by co-branding your organisation with our products among individuals, institutions and governments.