The Management

P. Vijaya Bhaskar, Managing Director

Having worked with reputed animation studios and media houses for more than 25 years, he is one among India’s first-generation animators leading a team of highly experienced creative personnel. His project undertakings with global entities such as Warner Brothers, Columbia Pictures, Sony Pictures, Tiny Island Productions and the Malaysian Government are just to name a few. It is his vision that drives the company and its team to spread social awareness among children and adults through education and media.

Meghna P, Executive Director

With over a decade’s experience in K-12 educational content development and publishing, she has worked with India’s topmost Schools, Publishers, Newspapers, Government Bodies and Non-Profit Organisations in innovating, improvising and executing various Teaching-Learning projects. Her education in Journalism and expertise in Project Management enables her to actively initiate the company’s key operations. She believes that every successful entrepreneur is a perfect blend of a creative heart and a business mind.