About the Company

SWAN EDULABS is a K-12 Educational Service Provider incorporated in the year 2016 in Hyderabad, India. The company is engaged into Research & Development in Education, Media and Animation sectors to create fun-oriented learning products and solutions for children’s global market.

At Swan Edulabs, we develop qualitative, customised and cost-effective knowledge products for Schools, Publishers, Govt. Education Bodies, NGOs, CSR Groups, E-learning Companies and other Educational Service Providers. We provide Academic and Activity-based Teaching-Learning Materials (TLMs) on Print and Digital platforms, right from concept creation to product delivery.

Our expertise lies in Content Creation, Illustrations, Graphic Design, Printing, Animation, Interactivity, Mobile Apps, Digitization, Teacher Training and a lot more. We fulfil the complete Curricular, Co-Curricular and Extra-curricular requirements of educators under one roof. Our end users are children, parents, teachers and schools who simply love what we create!

Corporate Vision

The future of our world is determined by the education that we impart today, but education has remained an unorganised sector till today. It is our vision to create an organised education system wherein the whole teaching-learning process is deemed as one component and educational products are designed with a holistic and result-oriented approach. It is our dream that every educational institution has access to high quality educational solutions on a one-stop platform, which would enable them to reduce their creative cost, time and effort, have choices in selecting products as per their needs, reduce their dependence on multiple vendors and middlemen, benefit from a better price structure, and focus on effective teaching practices.

Our Mission

With a passion to enhance the Indian education standards and inspire children to become lifelong learners, we are constantly on our mission to make teaching process effortless, learning process enjoyable, retain core values and principles, and use education as a tool to create individual and social awareness.

Our Philosophy of Education

In any nation, the education system is given the highest value because it is the one that determines the national progress or downfall in the long term. At Swan Edulabs, we identify the root causes of problems prevailing in the educational ecosystem and create a result-oriented learning process that replaces the tradition of simply stuffing information into learners’ minds. It is our pride and principle that the foundation of our work stands on the 4 pillars of learning :

1. Knowledge - conceptual understanding of subjects by digesting core information using appropriate study techniques

2. Skills - The expertise gained with hands-on experience, real-life application, and the ability to innovate, manage and grow

3. Values - The ethical practices followed while applying the acquired knowledge, and the usefulness of one’s innovation

4. Fun - The excitement factor in feeling curious, trying new things, solving by playing, and progressing with a purpose