Welcome to Swan Edulabs!

Your one-stop solution for every Teaching-Learning Material at your doorstep


We supply printed educational products such as Books, Magazines, Worksheets, Diaries, Certificates, and a lot more. We are a Designing Studio backed by our own Printing Press, and this is all you need.


We create children’s digital content for Mobile Apps, Live Videos, Interactive Games, 2D Animation, and Augmented & Virtual Reality. We can convert your static content into a digital masterpiece.


We design branding material including Brochures, Pamphlets, Visiting Cards, Banners, Corporate Stationery, E-Invitations and more. We bring uniqueness to your brand by designing a product just for you.

You have an idea; we help you bring it to reality!

We love partnering with industry experts to turn bold ideas into disruptive projects


If you have a concept to teach, we will design it into an educational product with a commercial value for your institution or enterprise.


If you have a story to tell, we would love to turn it into an animated series for your channel, whether it is for television or web.


If you have information to convey, we will publish it in the coolest way to grab the highest attention to your periodical, blog or app.